Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1/254: Dear Andrea

Dear Andrea,

Well I guess I don't have to explain what this is, since you saw it on facebook and sent me a message about it. As I begin writing this letter I'm realizing how difficult this project will be to complete.

To begin, thank you for always being accepting of me. In a family that somewhat...well, doesn't really care for my family of four, it's nice knowing that SOME people like being with me and mom, dad, and Emme. I know that after you've left Grandma and Grandpa's house, you've never said bad things about us, like some other family members. I've always appreciated and respected that.

To be truthful, I always thought you were pretty much the coolest teenager around (when you were a teenager, obviously). You were always so kind and sweet, and even when I was really young (and when you were younger, too) you always asked me lots of questions. It always made me feel really, really special. Someone cared about me! Someone wants to know what I think! And I don't want to sound as though everyone else in the family hates me. I know they don't. But there have been moments when we've had a conversation and it just feels...perfect. Sometimes I really wish that you lived closer, or I lived closer to you, so we could hang out all the time.

It's funny to think how different we were raised - in two different cities with different parents - but how alike we are. And I know that you and Pedro and Zinny have all been through a lot of drama in your family...and I have been deeply in awe of how well you all took it. I only saw the outside of it - as I'm not in your direct group of friends, or go-to people, but you always seemed so bubbly and happy and cheerful whenever I saw you.

And lastly, I want to say how proud of you I am. It seems weird to say that because I'm much younger than you, but when Mom told me that you were studying to be a lawyer, I realized how much sense that made. Then when you got a job offer before you even graduated, I thought, "WOW she must really know what she's doing!". And then when you got the super awesome job that you have now, I was truly blown away. I'm so happy that you've found what you truly love and have an amazing job because of it. I can only hope the same for me!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



Bridgett said...

You know, you are going to be a different person when this is through. I mean, besides the obvious ways of just aging and changing with the times.

Anonymous said...

I love you Kay. Thanks for the beautiful letter.

- "Andrea"