Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hi. I'm Kaylen, the author of this blog.

And I explained the project here, but if you want in and have no idea what this whole "254 letters" thing is about - well, listen here.

For the past couple of years, I've been wanting to write letters. Not letters to strangers, or a pen pal (although those are fun). I've been wanting to write letters to people that mean something to me. There is one man in particular whom I've been grateful towards ever since he danced with me at a dance when his son (also known as the love of my life for NINE years) didn't show up. I realize that may be a weird example to use, but it was so sweet and just made me feel so happy.

Those are the people I want to write letters to. My old friends from grade school, whose telephone numbers I have but do not use. Ex-boyfriends. I don't think I need to say anything else there.

Anyways - about the phone numbers. I counted in my cell phone last night and found that I have 254 contacts. I plan on writing a letter to each person, a hand-written letter, and then mailing it to them.

I plan to write one letter a week. After I have handwritten it, I will type it up onto this blog; hence, "254 letters". However, the letters will be somewhat unanimous. The example I used on happy notions - Pete (the fiance) is obviously on my blog. I will title the post in which I write a letter to him, "Dear Pepe" or something like that - both names start with a "P". Get it?

As much as I look forward to this project, it's really, really scary. I plan on telling the people in the letters the TRUTH. For instance, the dad I mentioned earlier (let's call him Mr. Samson) has a son (let's call him Simeon). Like I said, I was in love with Simeon for NINE YEARS. We went to grade school together, remained close friends in high school, and I finally fell out of it in 10th grade. But seriously - from first grade to 9th grade, I adored him. We still keep in touch and try to visit each other when he's back in town from school, but I've never told him how I felt. He'll find out soon enough...although is name is under "S", so it will actually be awhile.

There are also people in my contacts that I haven't talked to in YEARS. They'll be confused, surprised, and hopefully happy.

The purpose of this project isn't to make people feel awkward. I want my friends and family, past and present, to know how much they have meant to me, and continue to mean to me. I'm not one to forget things. I remember when a friend, Kiki, didn't include me in games in 3rd grade, but I also remember crying with her in her black-and-white tiled kitchen when a friend died. I remember laughing hysterically on vacations together to lines from Austin Powers.

So, that's the plan. As for now, this blog is relatively underdeveloped and I'm okay with that. Hopefully, as time goes on, it will evolve and look prettier and, daresay, more unique and fancy.

First up: a letter to a cousin of mine who I rarely see or talk to, but when I do, she's pretty much amazing.


Bridgett said...

I'm putting you on my 365ers blogroll on my Conlocutio blog and I'm telling all of them about it. Because this is just too good. I hope you can stick with it!

Laura said...

wonderful! as ive so inspiring.

Indigo Bunting said...

This sounds fascinating. Good luck.