Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some Updates

Okay guys. I wrote my first letter and mailed it out today! Yay!

There have been some other things I've thought of in the past week that may make this difficult.

1. I get new numbers to put into my phone all the time,'s going to be hard to keep track of how many people were in the phone when I counted '254' and so on. I think I'm just going to go through the phone a couple of times until I've written a letter to everyone in the phone. Does that make sense?

2. I realized that this is going to cost a bit, you know, for postage. So, while I am planning mailing out some letters, I may just email some...I know, I KNOW, it's gross. I've decided the following:
a - people that are in St. Louis will get hand-delivered letters with just their name on the front and no stamp.
b - family members and good friends outside of St. Louis will get mailed letters
c - other people, people that I was never really close to but had their number for all-intensive purposes, like co-workers that I spoke to maybe three or four times, will probably just get an email or facebook message.

Sorry this isn't as cool as you all once thought. But like I said, trying to save money...for when I need to send out save-the-dates and invitations and all that junk. Yay!

The next letter: a dear friend from high school.


mh said...

No matter how you do it, it will definitely be "cool"! I can't even imagine undertaking this task. Bridgett was right. This will change you -- probably in ways you can't begin to imagine. Good luck with your challenging endeavor!

Pete said...

I expect my letter to be hand delivered. No facebook message for me!

Bridgett said...

Frankly, it is cool even if you don't send them in reality. You didn't even have to tell us.