Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5/254: Dear Alex,

Dear Alex,

If you're curious about why you're getting this letter, check out the address above.

There's one thing I have to start with: THANK YOU. You, without knowing, totally got me into David Bowie. I had heard his songs before on the radio, but I hadn't really given him much thought until you talked and talked about how amazing he was. So...thanks for that. That glam-rock god definitely shaped me into the person I am today.

Also -you're pretty awesome. You were always so sweet to me in high school. You were tolerant of everyone and got along with everyone (pretty much). You had an amazing drive and you seemed to get so much stuff accomplished.

And your sense of humor is top-notch. I always laugh when I'm around you - of course, your infectious giggle definitely contributed.

Finally - I love, love LOVE that you say what you mean. It's so refreshing.

Thank you for everything,



Mali said...

Kaylen reading these made me feel wonderful. How nice it must be to be looking at the people you know, and telling them all the positive things you love about them. (And those kids sound adorable).

Brunch girls said...

We just stumbled across your blog and we love, love, love it!!
Great post too!!!